🔮 I submitted my article / poem for submission. When do I hear a response?

Depending on the amount of submissions we'll receive, it'll take about 48 - 72 hours for us to respond. 


🔮Will I be paid for my submission?

At this time, we do not offer paid submissions. However, we are hoping that in the future, this option will be available once we receive enough funding where we can provide paid submissions for our writers. 


🔮Do you offer paid advertising?

No. The website will remain ad-free.  


🔮Do I retain my rights once the article is published?

Yes. Your article is your own creation. We do not own your work once submitted via our website. We believe that our contributors should have 100% ownership of their creative works. Our platform is built to provide exposure for our writers and create a network of fellow witches who wish to connect in a safe environment.

🔮I would like to interview  / collaborate / send something to Modern Witchy Woman

We appreciate your support! Please fill out our form regarding your inquiry and we'll respond ASAP.